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Our goal is to provide you with the best product to fit your needs

The products shown below are but a sampling of what Jedstock has to offer. What puts us a step above the rest is our unique ability to carry competing products from different manufacturers thus allowing you to compare similar products at the same time. We are impartial to the different brands as our goal is to provide you with the best product to fit your needs. Please call us with your requirements or ideas and we will help you to choose the best solution for your needs.

New Outdoor Recycler

48 gallon, 5.5" hole in lid
Colors: Recycling blue, standard. Other colors available.

  • Made from recycled steel, powder coated to resist rusting
  • Custom graphics for lid and nameplate
  • See-through mesh for monitoring and public safety
  • ADA compliant
  • Lid can be tethered with optional cable
  • Matching trash container available with open top or domed push in lid
Decorative Litter Containers by Toter®

45 gallon - with standard bag holder straps or optional rigid plastic liner
60 gallon - with standard bag holder straps or optional rigid plastic liner
Colors: granite-like finish in greenstone, graystone, sandstone or brownstone
Options: manual lock, ashtray, bolt down kit, custom graphics

  • Base can be weighted or bolted down to deter theft and increase stability
Plaza® Container by Rubbbermaid®

Capacity ranges from 50 gallon with slide out bag holder to 35 gallon with optional rigid liner
Colors: black, brown, beige or dark green
Options: tray top, plain top or ashtray top

  • Slide mounted hinged door with keyed lock offers full access with "no lift" refuse removal
  • Spring loaded swing doors contain odors and control insects
  • Also available as a paper or can recycling container in dark blue with appropriate openings
  • Large imprint area in front and back can hold removable advertising posters
Outdoor Recycling Sorter

holds three 20 gallon capacity containers
Options: variety of openings available

  • Can be modified for any combination of materials including; commingled, trash, bottles, or single source
  • Lid is hinged for easy removal of the 20 gallon containers inside
Steel Landmark® Containers by Rubbermaid®

50 gallon capacity
Colors: brown, gray or green body colors

  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Side door model for "no lift" refuse removal
  • Ash/trash containers
  • One all steel model for optional imprinting
Regent Series by Rubbermaid®

12 gallon capacity
15 gallon capacity
29 gallon capacity
40 gallon capacity
Colors: Empire green with wooden perma-wood slats (recycled plastic) with 20-year warranty

  • Variety of tops including round hole, weather-proof and sand for ash tray
  • Plastic liners included
Aspen Series by Howard/United®

12-48 gallon capacities
Colors: brown with desert brown panels, gray with dove gray panels, architectural bronze with glacier gray panels, empire green with desert brown panels

  • Liners available in plastic or galvanized
  • Eleven models to choose from with a variety of options
Perforated Metal Containers

variety of capacities available
Colors: assorted colors available
Options: laser-cut graphics available

  • Choose from two leading manufactures in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and configurations
  • Ideal for stadiums, parks, malls and other high-traffic public areas
  • Various lids include flat and domed
55 Gallon Steel Drum Tops

Various metal tops
Colors: green, blue, red, black or galvanized

  • Various metal tops to convert a 55 gallon drum into a useable receptacle
  • Tops ar flat, domed or can recycling
Expanded Steel Street Basket

45 gallon capacity
48 gallon capacity
Colors: green, black or hot dipped galvanized

  • Nestable for easy storage
  • Used universally in many areas including avenues, parks, parking lots and commons
Keystone® Series by Howard®

12-18 gallon capacities
Colors: steel and concrete construction available in gray or brown

  • Six receptacles and a matching bench
  • Side or top unloading
The Boulevard® Series

15-45 gallon capacities
Colors: sandstone, graystone or whitestone

  • Upscale outdoor receptacle in concrete/resin blend
  • Stronger yet lighter than concrete
  • Round or square to match your decor or motif
  • Top or side unloading
  • Unique hide-a-butt design for ashtray model
Glutton® Container by Rubbermaid®

56 gallon capacity /42 gallon rigid liner available
Colors: base colors brown or cream, hood is red

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Optional dome top available
  • With or without doors
Ranger Classic II

35 gallon capacity
45 gallon capacity with two doors
45 gallon capacity with four doors
65 gallon capacity with two doors
65 gallon capacity with four doors
Colors: beige, black or brown

  • Ranger containers feature Rubbermaid®'s famous durability, modern styling and easy-to-service design
  • Designed for stadiums, parks, shopping malls and other high-traffic areas
  • Permanently attached hinged lid for easy emptying
  • Weighted accessory base option for the 45 and 65 gallon containers
Slimline® Containers by Toter®

25 gallon capacity
35 gallon capacity
50 gallon capacity

Colors: granite like finish in graystone, brownstone or sandstone
Options: ashtray, weighted base

  • Wire bag holders for plastic bag inserts
  • Three optional lids: dome-top with door, swing-door or open top
  • Also available in 45 gallon round version
Round Brute Containers by Rubbermaid®

10 gallon capacity
20 gallon capacity
32 gallon capacity
44 gallon capacity
55 gallon capacity
Colors: dark blue, gray, white, yellow or red

  • Variety of lids including flat snap-on, funnel top or domed
  • Lids can be customized with co-mingled /paper slots
  • Three optional dollies; tandem (carry andy two sizes), twist-o, universal drum dolly
  • Can be silk screened or hot stamped
Wheeled Roll-Out Containers

32-35 gallon capacity
64-68 gallon capacity
95-98 gallon capacity
Colors: charcoal gray, pepsi blue or pea green
Options: casters mounted in front to make a 4-wheeled cart, locking lids, paper slots, can/bottle openings or lid openings

  • Several brands of two-wheel heavy-duty roll-out containers
  • Features vary with each manufacturer including smooth front (Euro-style), bar carts with molded bars, bar carts with floating carts
  • Hot stamp graphics and serial numbers are available
Classic Galvanized Cans by Witt®

20 gallon capacity
24 gallon capacity
26 gallon capacity
31 gallon capacity
32 gallon capacity
Colors: galvanized silver

  • Hot dipped galvanizing makes these cans impervious to rust and corrosion
  • Available in three weights (duty classes) for any job.
  • Weights include heavy-duty, medium weight and economy