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Square Under Desk Security Container

24 gallon capacity (15" x 15" x 24")
28 gallon capacity (15" x 15" x 28")
32 gallon capacity (15" x 15" x 32")
Colors: light gray, putty, coffee black

  • Square metal security container
  • Hinged locking lid with paper slot on top
  • Ideal for offices with limited space
  • Hangers inside for poly bags
  • Can be keyed alike
Slim Profile Under Counter Security Containers

23 gallon (11"w x 20"d x 32"h)
16 gallon (11"w x 23"d x 32"h) - molded in handles
Colors: Base colors: dark blue, light gray or beige. Top: gray

  • Square Secure lockable container for under counter convenience
  • Slot located on the narrow end to minimize the under counter space
  • UPS shippable
23 Gallon Rectangular Metal Slim Jim

23 gallon capacity (11" x 20" x 29"h)
16 gallon (11"w x 23"d x 32"h) - molded in handles
Colors: black with gray lid
Options: slot can be positioned in either direction

  • Heavy duty metal container
  • Fiberglass lid, removable for easy dumping - SS Hinge
  • Fire-proof – well liked by fire marshals
  • Built in tumbler lock, keyed alike
7.5 Gallon Rectangular Metal Slim Jim

7.5 gallon capacity (11" x 20" x 15"h)
Colors: black with gray lid
Options: slot can be positioned in either direction

  • Heavy duty metal container
  • Fiberglass lid, removable for easy dumping - SS Hinge
  • Fire-proof, well-liked by fire marshals
  • Built in tumbler lock, keyed alike
Jedlock II

9 gallon capacity (18" x 11" x 15"h)
Colors: light gray lid with dark gray body

  • Plastic container for deskside use
  • Locked removable top, keyed alike, with slot
Slimline 23 Gallon Security Container

23 gallon capacity (24.25" x 13.5" x 33"h overall)
Colors: greystone granite

  • Paper slot top security hinges to base
  • Upscale look and design for any office setting
  • Internal bag holders conceal polyliner
  • Secure
  • Certain minimums apply
  • Built-in barrel key on front, keyed alike
Metal Console

36 gallon capacity (18"w x 20"d x 31"h)
Colors: light gray, putty or coffee black

  • All metal security console.
  • Paper slot integrated above door, hanging heavy-duty nylon bag included.
  • Fire-proof to satisfy fire inspectors.
  • Tamper-proof as it is a totally welded unit.
  • Ideal for use as a table top for a fax machine, small copier etc.
  • Multiple units can be keyed alike
Witt Metal Security Receptacles

21 gallon capacity (14"w x 14"d x 37.5"h)
36 gallon capacity (18"w x 18"d x 37.5"h)
Colors: slate or almond
Options: disc tumbler lock or heavy duty hasp assembly for padlocking

  • Fire-safe receptacles provide maximum security
  • Internal bag holders conceal polyliner
Rubbermaid® Secure Document Container

50 gallon capacity when using polyliner only or 35 gallon capacity if used in conjunction with optional rigid plastic liner (25.375" x 25" x 43.125"h)
Colors: blue

  • Contemporary styling and durable plastic construction
  • Side-mounted lockable hinged door offers full interior access
  • Document slot at front of unit
  • Unit can be easily bolted to floor if desired (mounting hardware additional)
Document Management Container

64 gallon capacity
96 gallon capacity
Colors: blue
Options: 2-wheel or 4-wheel configurations

  • Cart designed specifically for the Document Security Industry
  • Meets ANSI Standards for lifting
  • Double walled lid with molded-in deflected slot
  • Rugged rim will not deflect when full
  • Only cart available that is nestable when empty
  • Built-in barrel lock, keyed alike
Transportable Security Carts

American; 35 gallon capacity, 65 gallon capacity or 95 gallon capacity
Euro; 32 gallon capacity, 64 gallon capacity or 96 gallon capacity
Colors: blue, green or gray
Options: Can be modified with the addition of casters up front

  • Commercial grade injection molded plastic construction
  • Two-wheeled carts available in Euro-style (shown) or American-style with integrated bar up front to facilitate use with automated dumping equipment
  • Custom paper slot sizes to specifically fit your needs
  • Fire-rated
  • Simple fool-proof locking system with locks keyed alike
Meese Security Truck

18 bushel (21 cu ft) capacity; 43.5" x 28.5" x 38.5"h overall
Colors: assorted colors available

  • Rotationally molded using ABS plastic resin
  • Plastic body secured to 3/4" plywood base
  • Supplied with six, 4" hard rubber casters/wheels; rotates easily within its own footprint
  • Supplied with lockable hinged lid
Pharmaceutical Disposal Receptacle

32 gallon capacity wheeled container, other sizes available
Colors: charcoal, gray or blue

  • Used by law enforcement, pharmacies, hospitals for collection of drugs slated for destruction
  • Baffled 3" diameter tube
  • Optional slot for pill cards
  • Custom eyelet in back to tether unit
  • Lockable top, can be double padlocked

Jedstock provides lockable security containers for sorting, storing and recycling confidential documents and pharmaceuticals.